Welcome to Moon Gazer Tales

Discover the wonderful and enchanting world of the Moon Gazer hares.

Share the adventures and thrills whilst also being enthralled by the natural wonders of their North Norfolk home and the wildlife its blessed with.

Each hare has a distinctive character and their own tale to tell; be it the dance-loving Jigfoot, the ever-mischievous Pintail or the thoughtful and wise Bouchart.

Meet and enjoy the magnificent and magical Moon Gazers.

Introducing ...

Jigfoot - The Hare That Loves To Dance

Jigfoot is a hare who loves to dance. He dances to celebrate all that is around him.

Join Jigfoot as he dances for joy and discover the heartbeat of his beautiful North Norfolk home.

The book, which is beautifully illustrated, seeks to immerse you in the life of the hare and the beauty of nature. Jigfoot can teach us all a lot about the importance of enjoying simple pleasures and embracing the nature we share our world with.

The book includes a tale about Jigfoot as well as a poem but also an informative, but fun, ‘Meet the Cast’ section which introduces you to the wildlife featured in the story.

You will also a get sense of place, and a true sense of what makes North Norfolk such a very special place for discovering and enjoying nature.

A joyous journey for all ages.

Meet The Moon Gazers

If you enjoyed meeting Jigfoot, look out for tales about the rest of the Moon Gazers:


She’s a mischievous one, causing chaos but all in fun.


Catch him if you can as he runs and jumps for joy.

Cheeky Jack

Cheeky by name, cheeky by nature – the joker in the pack.


The elder, the noble one, always observing, always measured and always right.


Majestic, magnificent and wise, always looking out for the others.


The food lover and the dapper one – the proper dinner time gent.

About The Authors

The Moon Gazer hares have many tales to tell and many adventures to share.

They also hope to gift to everyone just how to enjoy the most precious things we have – TIME – and how nature and our surroundings is blessed with so many simple pleasures. All we have to do is allow ourselves to embrace them.

To help tell their tales the Moon Gazer’s enlist the skills of some human friends:

David Holliday – Words

David lives in Norfolk with his wife, Rachel. Together they started the Moon Gazer micro- brewery in North Norfolk, which is where their passion for hares began. The brewery’s rural location is blessed by the daily site of hares.

Rachel Holmes – Illustrations

Rachel lives with her husband Jon and two children. She is a designer, illustrator and sketch book hoarder. From her Norfolk home, Rachel brings to life the Moon Gazer hares with a true passion and skill.